Images of Bryce VanHoosen

SILVER TALON 2020 © Peter Beste

SILVER TALON 2018 © Peter Beste


Bryce's Jackson King V Elite FSR

Original marketing pictures of my Jackson King V Elite guitar. This is my number one! These pictures were taken by the folks at Sweetwater Sound before I purchased her. Current modifications include – EMG 57/66 set, EMG solderless 3 way switch, EMG RPC control and various Floyd Rose upgrades by

SPELLCASTER opening for MANILLA ROAD (10/12/15)

Photos 1-5 by Peter Beste. Photos 6-11 by Jesse Lanier. Photos 12 & 13 by Castallian Photography.

SPELLCASTER opening for Marty Friedman (9/27/15)

SPELLCASTER at Headbangers Open Air Fest, Germany (July, 2015)

No idea who took these. If it was you, please let me know by visiting my contact page.

SPELLCASTER on CW 11's Band in Seattle (March, 2015)

Photos by Mike Emigh