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EMG SAVX Pickup Demo + Review

EMG SAVX Pickups Demo and Review

The EMG SAVX features Alnico V pole pieces and aims to bridge the gap between vintage and modern. The tone from these pickups is classic Strat territory – open and airy with plenty of attack for Malmsteen or Blackmore type leads. On clean, the SAVX shimmers with typical single coil goodness. Unlike the EMG SLV single I reviewed earlier, the SAVX is less “overwound” sounding, and instead leans toward a bright, open and quick attack rather than pure output. If used for leads, I definitely recommend kicking the drive up a bit higher than you might otherwise. As with all EMG active pickups, the SAVX is completely noise free and works with any other type of EMG active pickup (I have a 57 in the bridge of this guitar).

Definitely worth it to check these out if you’re looking for an active pickup that retains classic Strat tones.

Filmed with help from my beautiful fiance, Meiko.


EMG SAVX Pickup Demo + Review

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