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RONZWORLD partners with Bryce VanHoosen, guitarist of SPELLCASTER

Ronz World Bryce VanHoosen

Fort Lauderdale, FL and Portland, OR (September 3rd, 2016) – RONZ WORLD Guitars and Bryce VanHoosen are partnering in anticipation of the talented guitarist’s upcoming west coast tour with heavy metal band SPELLCASTER. The partnership will yield a signature, hand painted modified Charvel Model 3 that VanHoosen will play during a lineup of shows throughout British Columbia, Oregon and California this fall.

Ron Williams, founding artist and principal of RONZ WORLD, will work from a variety of inspirations to create an original, custom painted guitar that reflects VanHoosen’s unique style and talent.

The collaboration was born from a mutual admiration for each other’s work, and after connecting via social media, they came up with the concept for the signature instrument.

“I’m really excited to be working with Ron,” says VanHoosen. “I’ve always loved the look of hand painted graphics on guitars. Guys like Criss Oliva and George Lynch really made a statement with their custom painted guitars back in the day, and I’ve always wanted to work with an artist who’s capable of doing the same to one of my guitars. With the popularity of flame tops, maple caps, wood grain bursts, etc. (i.e. coffee table guitars), it’s definitely cool to work with someone like Ron who keeps the old school, hand painted graphic guitar art alive. I’m excited to share the finished product with the world!”

To showcase the collaboration, a “making of” documentary is in the works, due to be released after SPELLCASTER’s fall tour wraps.

“I think the film about this project is going to be a fantastic way to explain the process, to show everything that goes into creating the finished piece from start to finish,” says Williams, offering a sneak peak into what can be expected from the video. “It’s very cool to work with Bryce, to understand what makes him tick as a musician, and to translate his style into an instrument that reflects his music and personal image.”

Posts on Instagram and Twitter will highlight the progress as the art is created, as well as offer fans behind-the-scenes content about SPELLCASTER and RONZ WORLD.

“Both SPELLCASTER and RONZ WORLD place a big emphasis on social media – and understand the importance of connecting with fans and potential clients in an ever-changing media landscape,” says Kate Page, Director of Communications with RONZ WORLD. “The ways in which the music industry utilizes social media in particular has been evolving of late. We want to leverage platforms like Instagram and Twitter to encourage collaborations like this, to connect with other professionals and musicians in a meaningful way, and create lasting and deeper overall impressions and engagements with our audiences in a fun way that we hope will inspire individuality through art and music.”



RONZ WORLD Guitars is the result of award-winning artist Ron Williams’ endeavor to combine his love of music with his artistic talent. Until recently, his art has been commissioned by private clientele. Now, he is bringing his talent to the music industry and guitar enthusiasts through his original designs with custom painted guitars. Ron personally designs and paints each instrument, with art that is directly hand painted on to the guitar bodies. No stickers, printed graphics, or wraps of any kind are used in these original, one-of-a-kind creations.

Ron’s mission is simple: to create instruments as unique as the musicians who play them.

Learn more about RONZ WORLD at http://www.itsronzworld.com
Follow @itsronzworld on Twitter and Instagram


Bryce VanHoosen is the guitarist for SPELLCASTER, a heavy metal band from the Portland area. A Portland, Oregon native, Bryce has been playing guitar for 15 years. He draws inspiration from his early guitar heroes Yngwie Malmsteen, Randy Rhoads, George Lynch, Michael Schenker and Ritchie Blackmore. He has toured with SPELLCASTER in the U.S., Canada and Europe, playing sold out shows to enthusiastic crowds. Additionally, he performs with musical act LUCIFER’S CHILD, a King Diamond/Mercyful Fate tribute.

Bryce resides in Portland with his fiancé Meiko. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Digital Technology & Culture, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Washington State University Vancouver.

Read more about Bryce at http://brycevanhoosen.com
Follow him on Twitter @brvanhoosen and on Instagram @bvanhoosen


Hailing from from Portland, Oregon, the classic heavy metal quintet who is SPELLCASTER have carved out a name for themselves with passionate diligence – both on and off the road since 2009. The band’s debut EP, Spells of Speed, was self-released, but later reissued by Heavy Artillery Records in 2010. They released Under The Spell in 2011 to much acclaim, and have toured Europe and Canada in addition to the U.S. After a successful international tour, the band signed with Prosthetic Records to begin work on their third LP. SPELLCASTER’s most recent release, Night Hides The World, sees the band delivering a modern, mature take on the classic genre of heavy metal.

Read more about SPELLCASTER at http://spellcaster.us
Follow the band on Twitter and Instagram @spellcasterpdx

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Director of Communications

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